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Special: JDM Ultimate ACC V 1.10

It's no different in sim racing than in normal motorsport. Vehicle setups are always track and race specific. It is therefore of course logical that our e-sports teams also drive special setups for special races. It doesn't matter whether it's a sprint, long-distance or a special series with its own challenges ... everything is specially tuned to be able to drive at the top level.

In this area, we are now offering you setup specials that we have developed specifically for large, international events or series and with which our e-sports teams have been able to compete very successfully with the best of the best in sim racing.

Normally it's common not to let people look at your cards, but we decided against it and have now made the whole thing publicly available: Our original SRO eSports setups. The package includes our setups for the 5 long-distance races of the international top series SRO GTWC IGTC Championchip, which we finished in 10th place in the class.
Included in the SRO 2022 Pack:

Indianapolis, Kyalami, Mount Panorama, Spa and Suzuka

Creator: RennWelten eSports team

For our setups packs, updates are included as part of the current major release from ACC. When the setup is updated, buyers receive an email notification with a free download link. You can find more information about our setups in the FAQs .

Attention console gamers: Thanks to our exclusive Setup Reader you can also use the setups on the Playstation and the XBOX. Simply buy the setup pack, open the JSON files it contains in the reader and transfer the values ​​to the console in the vehicle settings. cool right?!

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