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ACC setup FAQ

Who are the setups best for?

Our setups are for everyone. We build our setups on a solid, easily rideable base. They serve as the basic foundation for your final setup. The masses will get by just fine without changing anything. For the groups that prefer the car to oversteer or understeer, the setup can be adjusted in the appropriate direction with just a few clicks.

Who created the setups?

The setup creators are some drivers from our esports team and RennWelten Friends. There is a creator abbreviation under the respective bundle in the shop. We have had the setups created by our vehicle-specific experts. For example, Jan Biermann has covered most of the vehicles with front engines.#

What does the bundle include?

Each bundle includes one race and one qualifying setup per route. This is the norm. Exceptions are special setups packs for long distances, where we drive the qualifying in race trim, so there is no qualifying setup.

In addition, depending on the track and vehicle, there may already be v2 setups in the bundle that have been revised by the creator. There are also first combinations that are equipped with LFM 25 or 45 min setups. With this you can contest the respective races. There will also be setups with the abbreviation S for Safe and gradually rain setups.

Will the bundles be updated?

Yes, you can download updates to the setups for free. Information about updates can be found in the discord and by mail. New vehicle models become a new shop product.

At what temperatures were the setups created?

We agreed on temperatures of 23_28. That means 23 degrees air and 28 degrees track temperature. However, since the temperature varies somewhat due to distances and time, each setup is based on the exact temperature at which the setup was set.
E.g. "RW Porsche Kyalami R 23_28"

What setups does a bundle contain and what do all the abbreviations in the setup mean?

We use abbreviations for the routes or vehicles. In addition, there are abbreviations such as R for race, Q for qualification. Each bundle includes the specified routes. Each track contains a qualifying setup and a race setup.

Which tire pressures are optimal for a GT3 racing car?

The optimal pressure is 27.6 PSI on average. In the rain you should aim for 30 PSI.

Are there also Motec records for the setups?

There are currently no plans in this area. We offer coaching to support you in a targeted manner. Our coaches specialize in recognizing sources of error and showing you tips and tricks to improve your times. For such coaching you can book a package with a Motec reference round, which the relevant coach will provide you with.

What do the 4 different brake pads mean?

Brake Pad 1 is a Sprint brake pad. You can drive this for up to 3 hours without changing it. We recommend riding on Brake Pad 1 for a maximum of 2 hours.
Brake Pad 2 is a long-distance brake pad that lasts up to 12 hours. It is slightly less aggressive than the 1 brake pad.
Brake Pad 3 is a brake pad for wet racing, it is less aggressive and will give you more confidence in the car.
Brake Pad 4 is a simulation brake pad, this simulates a very strong wear and tear and is usually not used.

How do I save the setups?

Quite simply you download the setups, unzip the folder and drag it into your Assetto Corsa Competizione folder. You can find it under documents. If you open the folder, you will find the Setups folder with the respective vehicles and tracks at the bottom, where you can save the downloaded setups.

What do the abbreviations in the setup name mean?

The setup name always contains the Creator abbreviation, the track, vehicle and then an R or Q (for race and qualifying) and the temperature (example 23_28 means 23 air temperature and 28 track temperature).

In the V2 variants of the setups there is an "E" or "SA". These are "Safe" and "eSports" variants for the setups. (So ​​everyone has the choice of whether they want to drive an aggressive or less aggressive vehicle).

How quickly are the setups updated after an update?

After a major patch we will update the setups step by step. First setups will be updated a few days after the release. The whole process will of course take some time.

For which vehicles will there be setups?
In the long term we want to cover all cars in the shop, but the most popular vehicles are prioritized for now.

Who benefits from my purchase?

The whole setup shop model is designed so that the setup creator receives from the sales. Unlike on other platforms, you support the creators directly. RennWelten receives a share for providing the service in the shop.

Are there more GT4 setups?

Other GT4 setups will also find their way into the shop and will be added to gradually.

How do I use the setups on consoles?

The files cannot be transferred directly to the consoles. The values ​​in the JSON files are encoded. Therefore we have provided a special tool setup reader for you. Watch this video for instructions on how to use it.

Where can I contact you if I have questions about setups?

We have our own area for questions about shop products on our discord, ask your question there and you will get answers to your question(s) from one of our coaches or admins.

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