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About RennWelten

Where we want to go:

Everything. New. Think. That's what we want: what does racing look like in the future? What will characterize racing in the future? Real, digital or just doesn't matter?

We have a mission - we want to bring racing into the new millennium. We love competition, we love life. We love people and we love racing! Our aim is to enable as many people as possible to win in tough fights and to remain human! Find new formats and friends and give you the basis you need - in every respect!

How we start:

We now have our first collection online. The first step has been taken, more will follow soon. Step-by-step. Stay tuned!

What is important to us:

We have no junk! Yes, you will always find everything cheaper somewhere. In the spirit of fair cooperation, however, we do not buy the cheapest. We don't want to sell it in our name, nor do we want to fob you off, nor do we want to enslave our partners! Our community is our greatest asset, which is why we have very high standards for our products. And if a product isn't perfect, you can be sure: we'll fix it! Just contact us!

racing worlds. Is. Commonality!