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Ford Mustang GT3 ACC V 1.10

With 470 kW or 640 hp, the Audi R8 LMS GT2 is by far the most powerful sports car in the history of Audi's customer sports program . The GT2 The concept stands for a very unique balance of fascination and lap times that is aimed at gentlemen tailored to pilots.  Its 5.2l V10 naturally aspirated engine is already known from numerous other racing vehicles.

The pack includes 2 Esports setups for the qualification and the race, as well as 2 safe variants for beginners, each for the qualification and the race. Also included are 2 wet setups.

Our setup packs are updated as part of the current major release of ACC inclusive. Buyers will receive an email notification with a free download link when the setup is updated. You can find further information about our setups in the FAQs . You can find an overview of all routes including lap times and version update statuses here .

Attention console gamers: thanks to our exclusive Setup Reader you can also use the setups on the Playstation and XBOX. Simply buy the setup pack, open the JSON files it contains in the reader and transfer the values ​​on the console to the vehicle settings. Cool right?!

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