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Community Day - ISOU Porsche 944 Cup taxi ride

PS: 300 Drive: Rear wheel drive
Nm: 350 Weight: only 950 kg

Vintage vibes and full throttle ! There is no WiFi in the Porsche 944 CUP - but there is a great connection to the road ! Do you think vintage cars just rock comfortably ? Then let the “insane ISOUS ” teach you otherwise ! Sure , it doesn't have a touchscreen or USB , but who needs that when "the device " starts bouncing around the track ? Five rounds of power nostalgia with a touch of “everything used to be better , real – AND faster ! ” So , grab the time machine on wheels and experience how the 80s come back at turbo speed . Retro ? More retro rocket ! Book now !

To book a slot, you will first be directed to a calendar in order to select a slot that is still free and at a time that suits you. Simply go to the event date in the calendar. There you will see all the slots still available, choose one and then add it to your shopping cart. Checkout, pay, wait until the event and you're almost ready to go.


  1. At the information desk (Hangar 7) you will receive a travel card for your booking
  2. Driver/Passenger: Fill in Declaration of liability (available online here ) -> Stamp 1
  3. Driver: One-time participation in the briefing (every 30 minutes) -> Stamp 2

For legal reasons, we are not allowed to let you on the route without the corresponding stamp(s) on your travel card . This applies to the driver and front passenger.

Important: Please fill this out Liability statement online before the event. This will save you from having to wait longer at the information desk until you get your ticket.

Other rules:

  • Only vehicles with a maximum of 95db when passing accelerated and a maximum of 100db at 2500rpm when stationary are permitted.
  • Helmets are required for booked trips, optional for slots in your own vehicle
  • People who are under the influence of alcohol are not allowed on the track as drivers or passengers
  • Subject to postponement due to external circumstances

Attempting to avoid the formalities may result in the loss of your booking without a refund!

The Community Day offers are only valid in conjunction with a valid event ticket. Therefore, have your tickets and booking receipt (order confirmation) ready when you contact the information desk to get the tickets . No ticket for RennWelten & Friends yet? Well then, quickly, the number is limited!!!

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