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club membership

Motorsport or SimRacing? Real or digital? Why does it always have to be one OR the other? We don't get it. We do not want. we don't. We rethink racing and combine both worlds. Do you see it that way too? Then become part of the RennWelten Club!

Club membership gives you access to exclusive benefits that vary depending on the level: Club role in Discord with its own area, priority registration area for RennSeasons, free shipping in the shop, discounts on selected products in the shop, and free individual coaching. At the same time, you support RennWelten in at least partially refinancing the costs for the server infrastructure, the entire organization behind the scenes and the maintenance costs of the RennQuartier in Mendig.

We are all rail-minded and moving. And in the end, we're all just racers. Let's get something done together. We appreciate your support!

OK. RacingSport!