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RW Sprint Series Entryfee

In order to participate in Season 2 of the RW Sprint Series, each team must pay the entryfee of 40€.

We need the necessary information shown below to be able to assign the payment to the respective team. To register more than one team, simply purchase several fees (one by one) with the required information.

After the payment, you don't have to do anything else as a team, we will promptly mark you as paid in Raceapp and you are able to start the Season.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the series admins on our Discord. Refund of the entryfee is possible up to the first race.

Once the first session of the first race day has started, a refund is excluded.

Please fill out all the required fields: Your team name, your driver(s) name, Discord ID (of your team manager or responsible driver) and starting numbers suiting RaceApp.

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