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ISOU Trackdays 2023 - Nürburgring (D) - 10.07.

Hello you asphalt conquerors and racing drivers!

Prepare for an electrifying driving adventure on the world-famous Nürburgring! Located in the heart of the German Eifel, this legendary circuit is a true motorsport Mecca and promises an experience you will never forget. OK. racing worlds! The Nürburgring consists of two parts - the demanding Grand Prix track and the infamous Nordschleife. Together they stretch an impressive 25.4 km and offer you an incomparable mix of fast corners, tricky chicanes and hair-raising straights. Rise to the challenge while soaking up the historic atmosphere of the "Green Hell". Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of motorsport legends? Then we have just the thing for you! In our RennWelten Shop we offer sensational coaching and taxi rides on the mythical Nürburgring. Whether you want to take your driving skills to the next level or just want to experience the thrill of a speedy taxi ride - we have the right offer for you! Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, you will master the route, conquer the notorious curves and pulverize your personal best times in record time. Or sit back and enjoy the adrenaline rush as you race around the iconic corners of the Nürburgring in a real racing car – an unforgettable experience for any motorsport enthusiast! So what are you waiting for? See you soon on the track, your RennWelten team

Taxi drive

The quick opportunity! With the taxi rides by ISOU Racing you can experience a real racing track feeling for little money. You arrive relaxed, have a snack and soak up the race track atmosphere. Get to know Bettina and Freddy and enjoy the roaring engines. Then you climb into the passenger seat yourself and experience for 15 minutes what it means to thunder over a race track at the limit. Oh yes, maybe you'll have the snack AFTER the trip... You never know and you also have a total of relaxed 'an hour's time. Perfomance: • Access to the trackday for one hour • Snacks and drinks • Taxi ride as a passenger for 15 minutes

Taxi Day

Get a taste of racetrack air deluxe. Join ISOU Racing for a full day on the track! You come when and stay and as long as you want. So you can relax all day long and admire the various cars thundering over the track. And if the tingling gets too strong, you can just jump into the car - on the passenger seat you can experience first-hand what it feels like to fly over the track! You will be fed the whole day, you can stroll through the area in peace and quiet and have gas talks and THREE TIMES (!) jump into the passenger seat for 20 minutes! Perfomance: • Access to the trackday throughout the day, • snacks and drinks, • Taxi ride as a passenger in 3 slots of 20 minutes each

coaching nuggets

The absolute hammer package! On a one off day you get the full drone. You come to ISOU on a track day of your choice. Here you are welcome as part of the team and spend the day (or as long as you want) with ISOU. You get a half-hour theory session in which the vehicle and route are explained to you. Then you can sit in the passenger seat and experience the route real and live! When the heart rate is high enough, that's when it really gets going! You take the driver's seat and steer the cars yourself over the track! And no, we're not talking about senior-friendly "accompanied cruising around" - we're talking about racing. In 3 stints of 15 minutes each, you will get to know the limits of the vehicle or your talents. You can be relaxed because Freddy is always at your side as a driving coach, but believe us: "Freddy is no brakeman !!" Perfomance: • Access to the trackday throughout the day, • Snacks and drinks • Theory session 30 minutes • Taxi ride as passenger 15 min • Drive yourself in 3 slots of 15 minutes each (total driving time 45 minutes!!)

Important: The minimum age for taxi rides/taxi days is 16 years, for coaching nuggets 18 years. There are additional costs of 50 - 100 euros due to the respective organizer, which are to be paid on site. /

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