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Community Day 2022: SMN Drifttool Taxi Ride

PS: too many Drive: behind, what else?
Nm: like a truck 0 - 100km/h: 2 almost 4 u

Simply. Only. Brutally! Franz's BMW has a new heart - finally enough power! The beast rattles, sputters and roars out his achievement. Once it's released, there's no stopping it - especially not on the rear axle. But that's what you want when Franz throws you off track with his PRO-Drift Car! This thoroughbred racing vehicle is simply from another world. Enjoy two rounds alongside Franz in this monster. You will never forget this again - guaranteed!

To book a slot, you will first be directed to a calendar in order to select a free slot that suits you. Just go to the event date in the calendar. There you will see all the slots that are still available, choose one and then add it to the shopping cart.

Booked slots are not carved into the asphalt, as there are e.g. B. by refueling stops or changing tires can lead to slight shifts. Therefore, please meet the instructors or the information desk at least 15 minutes before the start of your slot. The Community Day offers are only valid in connection with a booked event ticket. Therefore, keep your tickets and the booking receipt ready to hand when you are about to start.

Attention: It is fundamentally compulsory to wear a helmet for any type of ride on the route. The only exception is when traveling in your own car. Helmets are optional but strongly recommended. Rental helmets are available, but in limited numbers. So please bring your own helmets and balaclavas if you have them. If you don't have your own balaclava, you can purchase one on site in RennWelten Edition .

No ticket for RennWelten & Friends on September 24th, 2022? Well then, be quick, the number is limited!!!

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