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Charity Event "Stewards Bribe"

Event: RennWelten Charity Races for Herzensfreunde e. V. on December 17, 2022

Haven't you always wanted to get rid of a competitor "inconspicuously"? We make your dark dreams come true! Buy a penalty for a team of your choice and give yourself an advantage in the race.

The procedure is as follows: You - regardless of whether you are a participant in the event or not - buy the penalty here in our shop, this penalty is sent to our (live) stewards and pronounced by them to the desired team. Of course, you can follow it live in our live stream on Twitch.

You're probably wondering what's charity about it. The entire proceeds from this event will go to the non-profit association "Herzenswände eV". RennWelten has set itself the task of supporting this permanently with your help and to fulfill the long-awaited wishes of so many seriously ill children and young people!

For every "bribe" please state the name of the driver/team, also (optionally) your name on Twitch, so that the drivers and spectators also know who to thank! ;-) For the joker penalty, please simply enter "all" as a team, as this is applied to the entire field.

Thanks for your support! You can find more information about at

Further information about the event, the idea behind it, the procedure, the bribes/penalties etc. can be found at

IMPORTANT: Please only buy one penalty at a time, so that it is easier for our stewards to understand! Thanks very much!

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